Custom Software Solutions

At Data Motion we create integration plug-ins and software solutions including computer vision analytics for the security industry.

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About Us

We work closely with our clients to deliver customised commercial solutions for the security industry and beyond

We are a dedicated software house, which highly invests into R&D projects, developing POC prototypes into fully functional commercial solutions.

Leveraging the latest technologies we deliver highly complex and custom solutions with next-gen video cameras, to perform customised actions based on camera events and user preferences.

Partnering with video management system (VMS) providers, we deliver integration plug-ins for camera OEM’s and resellers, to view multiple analytic events in real-time.

Our Services
VMS plug-ins

Data Motion collaborates with leading VMS companies, creating custom, robust plug-in integrations for proprietary SDKs.

We support OEM clients and resellers by enabling advanced analytics on next-gen camera hardware, covering video content analytics (VCA), face recognition (FR), and object detection.

Effortlessly integrate object enrollment, advanced object search, and custom event enrollment with Data Motion's innovative solutions.

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Customised SaaS Solutions

Customised SaaS solutions for your enterprise utilising the latest advances in current technologies.

Data Motion is currently developing innovative solutions for multiple growth industries to further extend edged applications on cloud infrastructures like AWS, GCP, and Azure.

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Why Choose Us

Data Motion consists of highly skilled technical developers, project managers and a quality assurance team with years of experience in delivering:

SaaS (Software as a service)
Agile project delivery
Maintenance and deployment of client platforms
(Code and after service maintenance etc.)
Video Management System integrations
Custom software solutions
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